1. "It struck me that part of the reason we always stay jacked in is that we want everyone — at the other end of the phone, on Facebook and Twitter, on the web, on email — to know that we are part of the now. If we look away, we worry we will disappear."
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    Heat (1995)

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    “There’s an intimacy in listening to somebody’s lies, I’ve always thought—you learn more about someone from the things they wish were true than from the things that actually are.”
    ― Jennifer duBois, A Partial History of Lost Causes

  4. Memorial Day.

  5. Killing the 90s dead dead dead.

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  6. #corgis


  7. AMC’s Mad Men-Style ‘For Your Consideration’ Emmy Campaign—For Mad Men



    These are great—Tom & Lorenzo posted the entire set.

    Nicely done.

  8. 2001: A Space Odyssey references in Mad Men “The Monolith” & “The Runaways”

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    Oregon’s Exploding Whale - 1970 KATU (original report) (by TheExplodingWhale.com)