1. slaughterhouse90210:

    “You would think she was on the stage. Of course, in her head she’s always on the stage. She is her own theater.”
    —Kate Atkinson, Life After Life


  2. "Meanwhile, talking about the new U2 album is like live-tweeting episodes of NCIS."
  3. zackeugene:


    Just saw this in the Tennessee game.


  4. "It’s indicative of a much bigger problem. If I can disrupt your content distribution strategy from my iPhone, then maybe something is wrong with your content distribution strategy."
  5. slaughterhouse90210:

    “In the end, it wasn’t death that surprised her but the stubbornness of life.”
    ― Jeffrey Eugenides,
    The Virgin Suicides

  6. Superhero sighting at today’s Easter Seals Rollin’ on the River. (at William J. Clinton Presidential Library)

  7. #TeamLondyn crosses the finish line at today’s Rollin’ on the River run/walk. (at William J. Clinton Presidential Library)

  8. (Source: tldrwikipedia, via merlin)

  9. Grassy Lake, 2008. #muchlatergram

  10. Carly, Friday. #latergram #corgis