1. merlin:

    Genesis - “Turn It On Again” (Duke; 1980)

    A very painful confession. I often listen to this song on repeat literally all morning.

    There. I said it. Happy now?

    Related: Thirteen-Four time, bitches. Look it UP!

    Great track. I say this with zero irony.

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    If you think the best part of this song isn’t when they play it live and Phil finishes singing and runs up behind his...
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    We could finally have world peace if everyone just admitted they love Phil Collins. Just admit it, because it’s true,...
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    so true
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    Just admit you fucking love Phil Collins and OWN IT. The world will not get better until you do.
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    Great track. I say this with zero irony.
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    I forgot how good the pre-Invisible Touch Genesis was. Thanks, Merlin. This one will be on repeat much of the day.
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